, 1/20th of the bone must have been replaced. As a result of decomposition, to the extent that original carbon atoms were falling out of the tissue (so to speak), then to that extent you would no longer have collagen; rather, to that extent you would have humic acid. So if a researcher can verify that he has a sample that has been purified to 99% collagen, for example, then he can be sure that all the carbon in that 99% of the sample is original. A second experiment, beginning as above, would be to date a small diameter bone and a larger diameter bone from the same dinosaur. Theoretical physicist lawrence krauss (emphasis on the theoretical) told rsr that 14c in allegedly million-year-old specimens is an anomaly.

: carbon 14 dating involves major unsubstantiated assumptions, including the stability of the 12c/14c ratio over millennia, which the public is almost universally unaware of. Giem s research arguing that neutron capture could account for less than one 10,000th of the c-14 in diamonds (see these peer-reviewed calculations). So as a result of widespread misunderstanding of earth s history, old-earth geologists contend with infamously contradictory million- and billion-year radiometric dates, whereas carbon dating is not subject to the same extreme physical forces that play havoc with other radiometric dating methods. The teacher corrected a couple points and clarified a few others. If you re seeing this message, it means we re having trouble loading external resources on our website.

2) confirm that the bones do not have appreciable quantities of radioactive material. The evolutionary model predicts no (carbon dead) 14c. So evolutionists typically claim that all this 14c results from contamination, but statistical analysis indicates that when plotting erroneous dates (as from contamination), the data should fit a normal curve.peche au lac d avoriaz webcam.
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